Something Good In The World Inc

Turtle Island Summer Camp at Kitchawan Farm


Welcome to Something Good in the World’s Turtle Island!  Limited to 12 children, ages 6-12. As always, this will be farm-based, nature-oriented, arts-integrated experiential learning!  Each day will include farm chores, hiking, chicken care, gardening, foraging, free play, teamwork, creative projects, etc., and with each theme week to include: art, crafts, music and movement theatre. 

Because this “mini-camp” is limited to 12 children, we highly recommend getting in touch as soon as possible:  914-217-9249 or  

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(After June 1, please call to inquire about openings.)


7/17 – 7/21 Week One: Earth Heroes
(Monday thru Friday) 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 
The natural wonders of music, rhythm, and theater come alive in this week's exploration of the connection between humanity and our home planet Earth.  Each day will spiral through a different aspect of nature’s living systems and the kaleidoscope of human expression using dynamic rhythm training, improvisational games, songs and stories, and developing sensory awareness within the ecologies of the farm and forest.
The week will conclude with a special performance for families and friends, woven together from the song and story threads of our Turtle Island experience.
Teaching Artist: Liz Nolf
7/24 - 7/28 Week Two: Sustainable Arts and Crafts on the Farm
(Monday thru Friday) 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 
This session will help us to develop a greater awareness of the environment and how to live sustainably, using the wonderful ecology of Kitchawan Farm. We'll engage in many farm-based arts and handicraft projects such as: wool crafts, organic vegetable gardening, composting and worm bins, landscape design with renewable energy sources, and re-discovering traditional methods for making products needed for daily living; using beeswax, honey,eggs, herbs, seeds, vegetables, flowers—all right from theFarm! An exhibition of the children's creations will take place on the last day of this session for an all-around sensory experience of the week.
Teaching Artist: Anya Steger

Turtle Island refers to the original Native American name for North America, and Something Good in the World offers a unique setting for a summer camp where every day is spent outdoors in nature. Educators are dedicated to promoting as many varied arts and skills as possible in natural surroundings.


The programs encourage individuality and creativity, with each child's unique contribution adding to the cohesion of all. Games and exercises are designed to promote teamwork and cooperation, rather than competition. Art projects focus on the process more than on the result. Sensory, hands-on experience is the approach for all of these farm-based activities, which include Art, Design, Handicrafts, Organic Farming, Gardening, Hiking, Teamwork Games, and Wilderness Skills.



The Volunteer Program
Our Volunteer Program for teenagers gives the opportunity for young adults who have an interest in outdoor education to assist the team, especially with the younger members of the group.  If you are 13 or older and inspired by the idea of becoming a volunteer for at least one full session this summer, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for an interview.  There will be a required volunteer staff orientation, to bring everyone up to date with the safeties and procedures of the camp.

For more information contact Barbara Sarbin at 914-217-9249 or by e-mail: