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Letters from Supporters

Every so often, we like to share some of the beautiful letters that we get from Earth School students, as well as from their parents and teachers.  Getting positive feedback is one of the aspects that make our work so worthwhile.  Hearing what the children have taken away from their experiences is totally heart-warming and inspires our teachers to keep creating more farm-based educational workshops for all ages.


Earth School for Homeschoolers 

Dear Barbara,

You have made my life after Earth School so much better. You really taught me not only amazing history and academic skills, but also many virtues and how to be a good person.

"I really use everything Earth School taught me, in class and in the wonderful world."

I think about things you said to me all of the time, and they help guide me through hard, and happy days. For example, I remember you saying to the class that just because people won’t see and/or reward you for your actions, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do good things. I use what you said all the time, and always pause and think about it when I am about to walk away from something. My new school is very good, and it is teaching me new and great things, but it will never teach me the ways of life, like Earth School. I often miss Earth School, even in the middle of class. I miss the teachers, and of course, the chickens. Sometimes I pretend I am doing Story of the World, and I am a king, like Julius Caesar, or Napoleon. Another thing I really miss from Earth School is tapping trees. I remember secretly dipping my finger in the bucket, to taste the sweet, soon-to-be syrup. Like I said before, I miss the chickens a lot. I really miss Glinda, the rooster who is full of pride and confidence and protected his chickens from predators and other roosters. Someday, I wish I’ll be like Glinda. I really use everything Earth School taught me, in class and in the wonderful world. (One thing I could have learned better was my handwriting. As you can see, it hasn’t improved.) Thank you so much Barbara! I will never forget you or Earth School!

Aidan Engel (age 11)



I must tell you how moved I was by the Earth School graduation ceremony. SO much more meaningful and special than any other moving-up rite I've witnessed.  I wish there'd been a place like your school for my kids.

I wished I had thought of a way to tell each child in the ceremony what I learned from them this year.  Especially the young lady who said she had come to know and like herself this year.  This must be the result of spending your tender developmental days in an environment in which your differences are celebrated, and respect for others is the same as respect for yourself, and everyone values the gifts of the natural world. I wanted to say to those leaving: "Hold on to this, don't lose it."  And sitting there among the chickens, and bees, and wandering toddlers that everyone welcomed and felt responsible for, instead of watching some poor stressed mother trying to control and suppress it into silence, I thought, "What a wonderful name for this place.  It really is something good in the world."

And I hope there are many places like it throughout the world, although I don't know of any others.  Especially one with chickens!

You are a true contributor.
Love, Jo-Ellen Bosson


Hi Barbara,

My husband and I think that the Earth School will be a wonderful experience for our son.  Besides the high mission of the program as a whole and the beautiful, nurturing environment, we were impressed that it integrates the development of the child's values, such as respect, care, patience and humanity. We think if a child gets these down in their core, they can progress well in different environments and situations and will manage to do the right thing for themselves and for others.  The mainstream education system seems to emphasize individualism, being number 1, the best and at the top, leaving behind what we think should come first - helping others, respecting, being kind and tolerant.  In addition, he just so happy and free there, I think he will really enjoy his first school experience.

Eliana Chinn


Earth School for Schools

Dear Miss Barbara, Miss Sara, Miss Holly,

First I want to give you thanks for having treated us so well. You are beautiful people, I personally think. I also give you thanks for having given me such an unforgettable experience in visiting the farm. I think that I will never forget what I saw with you. The apple trees, having been able to eat an apple, even though it was very small was delicious! But the biggest impact was the tomatoes. They were exquisite. What was the most moving experience was being able to pick the vegetables and fruits and then make our own salad with my own hands. It was fresh and delicious. Another incredible thing was eating the petals of a flower! Other incredible experiences was feeding the horses, picking flowers, eating the delicious pizza. I am so happy, and I would love to return to the farm and spend time with you. You were super good to us and I will never forget you.

You will always be close to my heart – as also your beautiful incredible farm. I love you very much. You are marvelous women, and I admire you very much, in truth, I have no words to thank you for what you did for me.

Everything was wonderful! Thank you!

Jessica Arely Calderon


Hi Barbara,

Just wanted to say thank you for having us last week and for being so helpful in coordination! It was so wonderful to return to the farm and share the new DVDs with the SGITW community. It was truly such a special day for me (and for the rest of the crew, too)! It's really been amazing for me to learn about SGITW and see such an inspiring educational environment. AND being at the farm has definitely confirmed my long-held belief that I need to get out of the city...working on making that happen!
I look forward to making some trips out to the farm this summer! Thank you again for all of the enthusiasm for and generosity towards the Little Pim project. Working together with such a wonderful educator (and person!) made the job so enjoyable. Please, let's stay in touch.

Jolene Pinder


Dear Holly and Barbara,

This spring, my peers and I have been studying food production.  Personally, my awareness has grown and I have also grown with passion on this subject.  It is so great that we have been able to visit Glynwood Farm during this study…  It makes the reality of the food industry much more real; we get to see first-hand what a sustainable farm looks like.  Coming to Glynwood didn’t only give me new information, but it allowed me to put what I had already learned, into context.

It was so wonderful seeing all of the different animals, how they free-range, and how they live their lives.  Barbara told us the story about how the apple trees didn’t grow fruit and when the animals were put their to graze, the trees started to blossom.  That is raw evidence to show that animals, plants and the environment can help each other for the better, naturally.  From seeing the fruitful farm, it is clear that farming locally and sustainably can provide an abundance of food for neighborhoods or even families.  I hope kids like me will get the chance that my peers and I got, because just getting people aware of what farms like Glynwood can do, can and will help our environment, lifestyles, and much more.

Thank you both again!