Something Good in the World extends children’s learning experiences in sustainable living to include the indoors as well as the outdoors by pioneering a new sustainability project called the Earth School EnviraPod Mobile Education Trailer. This consists of a small, zero-footprint mobile structure designed for completely off-the-grid, sustainable living. EnviraPods use eco-friendly building materials, renewable resources, solar power, rainwater catchment and gray water systems – all creating a working example of indoor sustainable living that will be incorporated into new learning experiences for children of all ages.

EnviraPod Mobile Educational Trailer Arrives

The Earth School EnviraPod is a natural complement to our use of organic gardening and backyard farming to bring alive the wonders of how to live in harmony with nature – and to teach children, teachers, and parents how they can integrate these concepts into their everyday lives.

EnviraPod Educational Center

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Resources for learning more about EnviraPods:

Watch the Hū Hilina’i proposal video.


Thank you to our supporters!

SGITW is honored to have been named the finalist for Impact100 Westchester’s 2014 grant in the Environmental category! Big thanks to the Impact100 Environmental Committee for championing our EnviraPod project and for believing in our vision of building Westchester’s first ‘off-the-grid’ environmental education center.


Thank you to Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps for a donation of over 2,000 bottles of pure castille soap — the only product pure enough to be put into the EnviraPod’s greywater catchment system.  What a testament to the quality of their products and to their commitment to supporting environmental and conservation projects!

To support this pioneering sustainability project please make a donation today! Thank you for your support!

Thank you to everyone who made our Indiegogo campaign such a success!

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