The mission of Something Good in the World is to provide a safe and enhancing environment wherein children may be promoted to achieve their highest potential in learning and development, and to prepare them toward becoming responsible human beings ready to take on the challenges of life.

We are committed to upholding a genuine value for humanity, and are steadfast in our dedication towards creating a new and better template for education in the 21st century, one that integrates nature, the environment, and the practice of sustainable living.

Earth School:Digging in the Dirt

Learn more about our unique approach to education and environmental stewardship by watching our video, “Earth School:Digging in the Dirt“.


Barbara Sarbin

Barbara Sarbin is the Director of Educational Programs for Something Good in the World. She is responsible for the overall running of educational programs, including not only the Earth School […]

Holly Stagliano

Holly Stagliano has been teaching inside of a GET dynamic since 2003. She is the Handwriting Without Tears instructor for ages 5 – 7, teaches farm-based crafts and cooking in […]

Liz Nolf

Liz Nolf has been SGITW’s music teacher since 2011. Liz has been teaching music in school, camp and private settings for over 8 years, to children of all different ages, […]

Gayle Lamb

Gayle Lamb is the art teacher for the Earth School classes once a week. All classes are aligned to the age and curriculum needs of the students, integrated with their […]

Natascha Sabert

Natascha Sabert has been assisting and teaching Earth School programs since 2011 and has worked as an educator for Turtle Island Summer Camp. Natascha graduated with the “Abitur” from Gymnasium […]

Sara Olivia Garcia

Sara Garcia has been a staff development consultant and advisor for Something Good in the World and Earth School since 2002. She holds teaching certifications in regular, special education, and […]

Anya Steger

Anya Steger has been teaching art and crafts for Earth School students and at Turtle Island Summer Camp since 2011. Anya has exhibited her own artwork in numerous solo and […]


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