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06 Apr 2020

Something Aloha – E-News Spring 2020

Originally, we would have led into our Winter into Spring newsletter with descriptions of all the fantastic activities of the past few months, but we have to pause in the light of the world situation, to reflect not only on the successes, but also on what might be next. This is especially the case because our school gardens are suddenly on pause, our spring programs on hold, and everything taking a deep in-breath of unknown. Hands-on,farm-based, experiential, arts-integrated, natural education is not designed to be online. So, what now?

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28 Apr 2017

Jane Goodall’s Good For All News

This past September Something Good in the World, was honored to present its Children’s Peaceful Garden design at the United Nations International Day of Peace, representing Roots & Shoots. After this lifechanging event, in which we had the privilege of describing our project to hundreds of attendees, I began spreading the word about this design beyond the New York area where the Children’s Peaceful Garden originated.

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31 Aug 2019

Something Peaceful

The goal of Something Good in the World’s Children’s Peaceful Garden design is to promote peaceful and imaginative play, as well as creative projects and arts-integrated learning, while experiencing in a hands-on way how to live sustainably and in harmony with the environment. This summer, it was our aim to spread this design and its motive to as many locations as possible, so that students of all ages, as well as parents and teachers, could enjoy its therapeutic effects not only at Kitchawan Farm, but also at their own schools, centers, and shelters.

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19 May 2019

Spring Newsletter

Thanks to an unexpected series of fortunate events, including donations from organizations that were closing down and seeking like-minded charities to give their remaining donations to, Something Good in the World was able this year to open up a Blue Sky Fund. The SGITW Board of Directors had the special opportunity, for the first time, to have a meeting to envision what we could do with contributions that were for “Blue Sky” projects; programs that we had always wished we could get off the ground if we had the support, envisioning a future of expanding Something Good further into the world.

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17 Dec 2018

Autumn E-News

One of the most heartening aspects about Something Good in the World having been in operation as a nonprofit for 16 years now, is that our original students are all growing up! Starting in 1998, Earth School programs began teaching children and families how to live sustainably and in harmony with the land, and how to connect with nature in meaningful and experiential ways that integrate with academic learning.
Since 2006, SGITW’s Earth School has been a farm-based education program for all ages, reaching further into the area to offer free workshops and courses for impoverished and underserved communities.

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20 Jun 2018

Something’s Growing: E-News, Vol. 7, Number 2

We have so many foundations to thank for continuing to support SGITW’s programs this coming year. We have most recently received funding from: The St. Faith’s House Foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies Director/Employee Designated Gift Fund, The Deupree Foundation, The Jack DeVito Foundation, and a family foundation that prefers to remain anonymous, to be able to offer more free workshops and courses for children from underserved areas and high needs school districts.

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28 Mar 2018

E-News Vol.7, Number 1

It’s been a looong winter, and every year, people always ask us how we are able to continue Earth School all year long, including the winter months? Mostly, folks assume that we close down our outdoor, farm-based education programs during the cold weather, but not a chance! Learning how to live in harmony with the earth includes all seasons. Luckily for us, our off-grid, solar-powered Envira Pod mobile educational trailer always has power, even when schools are closed and homes lose their electricity. The Envira Pod proves that it is possible to thrive in this part of the world without connecting to
the grid.

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04 Sep 2017

E-news: V5-5 Nov/Dec 2016

One of the aspects we love most at Something Good in the World about partnering with foundations, farms, and businesses, is the way that we all support each other and get this feeling of “win-win-win” in our projects together. A favorite collaborations year-round is with Glynwood Farm in Cold Spring, where grants from family foundations make free farm-based education programming possible for the First and Second Graders of the Harlem Children’s Zone, Promise Academy II.

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